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About Start Now

National Q for Molasses & Tobacco is one of the leading companys in the field of luxury Molasses industry. National Q was founded in Zarqa - Jordan in the year of 2008. Our Hookah Tobacco have a big variety of different flavors.

In the year of 2012 National Q opened the new plant with much more space and hightec equipment with latest technology. Among many others National Q produce the Brand START NOW. Our Company also runs its one laboratory and hookah tobacco kitchen.

These days National Q distributs its products in more than 22 countries .We have a worldwide network of representatives.


Our Goals:

National Q is working hard on differentiate their products trough the high qualety of ingredients and raw materials we use. We are constantly working on improving our production processes to offer affordable prices on the European-, Asian-, American-, and African Market. We educate our research- and development team continuously to achieve the best possible performance.

Also we are working daily on finding unique and new flavors that contain the luxury taste that our customers appreciateso much. We want to make you remember the best taste of molasses you ever had.